Redford Township Historical Commission was established under the Township of Redford Ordinance No. 252, within the authority of Act No. 213 of the Public Acts of Michigan 1957, on April 19, 1999. 

" It shall be the duty of he Historical Commission to collect and preserve historical materials relating to the history of the Northwest Territory, the State of Michigan, and the Charter Township of Redford; to acquire ownership and control of landmarks of the Charter Township of Redford with the funds budgeted by the Charter Township of Redford Board of Trustees; to compile histories of the Township and the area; and to participate in other historical endeavors which the Commission believes to be of sufficient interest to the Township."

The Commission is located  at 12259 Beech Daly Rd, Redford Michigan .

Open to the public on Wednesday's from 12:00-3:00. 

Holiday Closings

November 23, 2011

December 21, 2011 thru January 3, 2012

Redford Township Historical Commission

12259 Beech Daly Rd

Redford Twp., MI.  48239



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